So much has happened!

And I am terrible at updating.

My story “In the Belly of the Bear” took an honorable mention  in The Golden Key’s 2nd annual flash fiction contest, so that will be live on the web soon in their next issue.

I just got back from #SIBA17 in New Orleans, where I did a signing and hung out with independent bookstore owners and IPG. The energy was amazing and it was lovely to see so many people who were excited about books, pages, cover designs, words. Basically, all the people who believe, like Jon Snow*, that words have meaning.

On 9/21 I will be at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, reading from Magic For Unlucky Girls and visiting my old haunts. The reading is at Prout Chapel, next to that statue. If you’re familiar with the college, you know which statue I mean.

*dude is a secret English Major. Seriously.