“In the Belly of the Bear” The Golden Key

“They All Could Have Loved You Until You Ate That Baby” Juked

Short Fiction:

“How One Girl Played At Slaughtering”  Gingko Tree Review

An Old Woman With Silver Hands” Smokelong Quarterly

The Mother Left Behind” Gone Lawn (named top 50 very short fictions by Wigleaf 2017)

Put Back Together Again”  Sequestrum (2015 New Writers Award Winner)

A Woman With No ArmsWigleaf

Dear Wigleaf Wigleaf

“Pricked” The Southeast Review

All Who TrembleApex Magazine

“Juniper” Looking For the Enemy: The Eternal Internal Gender Wars of Our Sisters, Kendall Hunt Publishing

“Eden” The Madison Review

“Suburban Alchemy” Permafrost

“A Bird, A Girl, A Rocket to the Moon” Daughters of Icarus, Pink Narcissus Press

“Let Down Your Long Hair and then Yourself” Deathless Press

“Three Times Red” A Capella Zoo

“Mama Floriculture” WTF?! Pink Narcissus Press

“The Ibex Girl of Qumran” Gargoyle

A Girl Without Arms” Rapunzel’s Daughters, Pink Narcissus Press

“Food My Father Feeds Me, Love My Husband Shows Me” Shimmer

The Romantic Agony of LemonHeadKill Author: A Literary Journal for the Mostly Alive

MermaidVestal Review

Black SpotsMonkeybicycle

GingerbreadMad Hatters Review

“Beasts” Children, Churches and Daddies

Home Belly Wants Pindeldyboz

“Intricate Gore” The Allegheny Review

Essays and Articles:

“How I Helped you Fly with Pearls in your Guts” Heavy Feather Review

“How to Tell Your Rape Story” Indiana Review

Killing the AlbinoBooth: A Literary Journal

“Missouri Folk Arts Program” Museum Magazine, University of Missouri, Museum of Art and Archaeology

“Holy Jezebel, The Lady of Small Things” Women Arts Quarterly Journal

Selected Blogging: The Missouri Review

Genre Conventions: Fairy Tales

Literature on Lockdown Interview with Wally Lamb
Delights and Dangers: Flatness in Fairy and Folk Tales
An Open Letter: Jokes are Non-Fiction
The Artful Wounding
Fifty Shades of Oh God, Why?

Interviews and Reviews

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